UPDATE AS OF 11/27/2021

After the events of yesterday afternoon, it is time to address the current matter at hand:

I’m being cyber-bullied.

In September 2019, I and another walked outside the room of a model call to discuss a conversation had between a few individuals. This person stated to me, “Rebyrth, they said, ‘We are going to destroy Louisville like we destroyed Rebyrth.'”

Really? I was shocked but not surprised who “they” were. Inside I was screaming and wanted to cry. Nevertheless, I held my composure. I knew deep down these were the same individuals, along with others possibly, responsible for fraudulently attaching “Rebyrth Ablaze,” my former poet stage name, now a Business, Brand, and U.S. Registered Service Mark to a Tumblr porn blog in 2016. Now mind you, I have had a Tumblr account since 2012. Unfortunately, due to SEO manipulation, this attachment blocked it. Instead, the Tumblr porn blog showed up in its place in my “rebyrthablaze” Google search results.

In August 2018, weeks before applying for my Federal Service Mark, I contacted Tumblr and submitted a Trademark Infringement Form. I provided my KY State Service Mark Registration Information as well as referenced the Community Guidelines it violated. I followed up with Google and, within a few days, the link attachment no longer appeared in the Google search results. However, this was short-lived for, in February 2019, I discovered the link had returned.

When the link first appeared in 2016, rumors did begin to circulate, giving the false impression I was living a double life and my reputation suffered for it. Longtime friends, colleagues, and business associates grew distant. Even current and former clients. I wonder whether or not I wanted to remain active in the Louisville Fashion Scene. The brief moment the link was down, my reputation slowly began to rebuild itself. I had taken on a few new projects, things were progressing forward, and I even considered maybe relaunching in 2020. Only to be dashed to hell again once the link attachment returned.

You would think, due to a pandemic, evil would take a break. Nope. The rumors had gotten worse. Friends and follower engagement on social media as well as on my website started drastically decreasing. I was lucky if I could get even one or two likes on a post. I knew then I was blackballed. The fear of facing a similar fate was the reason behind most neither wanting to work with nor mention if they had with me. November 2020, I declared I was leaving Louisville, the Kentucky Fashion Scene, altogether. December rolls around. To my amazement, after a 4-year long battle, with the assistance of various entities, the Tumblr porn blog is removed, preventing the link from ever returning.

And, yep, you guessed it. Retaliation soon followed.

Their goal now is to remove me from the Internet entirely. First, my Creatively and Souncloud page links disappeared from the Google search results. As of yesterday, my Twitter page link is gone. And I’m sure more are to follow. Will the cyber attacks and harassment ever end? I don’t know. And just when I thought I could breathe easier, something else rises in its place like a damn psychological hydra. I’m sure I’m not the first to go through this. And, unfortunately, knowing these individuals, I won’t be the last.

I am just the test.


In March 2018, Rebyrth Ablaze, LLC d.b.a. “From the Desk of Rebyrth Ablaze,” along with its subsidiaries, are temporarily shut down to rebrand and restructure.

From May 2018 up until February 2020, I did take on a few pro bono projects: Two fashion shows (Creative Director/Sponsor, May-July 2018; Assistant Fashion Stylist, July 2019), served as a Model Consultant for a local model & talent group (October 2018-March 2020) and served as a Consultant/Sponsor for a designer throughout the planning process of a gala (December 2019-February 2020).

Upon completion of the gala, I decided not to take on any further projects until the relaunch of Rebyrth Ablaze, LLC, which, unfortunately, is delayed due to the Pandemic. The date is TBD.

I’m neither affiliated with any particular person, company, or brand at this present time nor plan to be any time soon. Whoever is either stating or posting otherwise is committing fraud. Therefore, whoever has been using my name, likeness, and image without my permission, I ask that you stop doing so. Again, please do remove me from your website, social accounts, etc. My “rebyrthablaze” Google search results are indicative of my information still present and possibly SEO manipulation.

As a reminder, REBYRTH ABLAZE is an Official U.S. Registered Service Mark. Consider this a “Cease and Desist Letter.”

Thank you.

~ Rebyrth Ablaze, Founder ~